Industrial Lubricants for Different Applications

From machine tools to hydraulic systems and everything in between, keeping equipment running at peak performance is critical for any business.

Keeping equipment in top shape starts with proper lubrication.  The right fluids can go a long way in extending machine life while improving performance and efficiency. 

Just about everyone working with heavy equipment or off highway vehicles is going to come across a hydraulic system at some point.  

Air compressors come in all shapes, sizes and styles and present unique lubrication challenges.  

  • For compressors in food service applications where extreme operating conditions are an issue, lubricants like Mobil Glygoyle 460 are critical for equipment health.  
  • Mobil SHC Rarus 68 is ideal for rotary screw and vane air compressors, while Mobil Rarus 827 is the lubricant of choice for reciprocating air compressors.

Machine tools are becoming increasingly complex and the sheer amount of moving parts makes choosing the right lubricant a difficult decision.  

  • The Mobil Vactra Series, including Mobil Vactra 4, are ideal for lubricating slideways in precision tools. 
  •  For spindle lubrication, Mobil Velocite 6 and other products in the Velocite series can provide ideal protection while also doubling as  a circulating oil in some applications.  
  • Mobil Almo 529 is perfect for rock drills and jackhammers in mining, construction or other applications. 

Cutting and metalworking fluids could possibly be the most diverse and complex segment of lubricants.  There are so many different varieties for such a wide range of metals and specific applications. 

  •  Mobilmet 766 is ideal for heavy duty operations on tougher metals while Mobilmet S-122 is a preferred option for more general, lighter duty applications.  
  • For Swiss and CNC machine applications that require a non-staining fluid, there is Dyna-Plex 21C NS 22 CF.  
  • Coolants are also an important part of the metalworking process.  Having the right product, like Dyna-Plex 21C Mac-Cool 95, can really make a difference in both equipment life and finished product quality.

These suggestions barely scratch the surface of all the different industrial lubricants that are out there.  Regardless of what kind of fluid or grease you are looking for, you can get your search started here.